I am a plastic free and cruelty free vegan. I see it this way what nature gave us we must give it back and treat it better, try to preserve, but enjoy life and become happier


ENG here below. DUTCH: Jennifer Kisten is een diervriendelijk veganist die ook nog plasticvrij is! Respecteer mijn levensstijl ik respect die van jou. Ik heb een missie om deze aarde, dieren en onze kinderen te beschermen en proberen samen te werken om hun toekomst te kunnen waarborgen. Ik doe mijn taak zoveel als ik kan en meer niet. Enne ik ben geen hypocriet lol! Volg mij, meedoen of proberen het kan geen kwaad. Ik wist mijn medisch kant eigenhandig met 50% te verbeteren En vele klachten te verminderen door diervriendelijk en plantaardig te leven! Ik merkte dat vele instellingen en instanties buiten de boekje niets willen proberen terwijl mijn voorouders en ouders uit India, Zuid- Afrika en Nederland toch allerlei oplossingen hadden en vele dingen in het leven op een natuurlijk manier ervaarden! Let op, door medische aandoeningen en letsel wat nare  traumas veroorzaakten kan het voorkomen dat mijn grammatica en spelling te wensen valt. Dus laat mij maar gaan lol, meestal begrijpen jullie mij, beoordeel mij niet omdat ik soms niet goed uit mijn woorden komt, verkeerd spelt en chaotisch met overkom. ik ben blij dat ik leef, het Nederlandse taal kan beheersen en gewoon durft en doet! Nobody’s perfect lol. Knuffels en Kusjes!


ENGLISH: Miss Fauxy is a cruelty free Vegan who is also plastic free! Respect my lifestyle, I’ll respect yours. I’m doing this for our animal kingdom, Mother Earth and your children’s future! I’m not seeking attention and I’m not a hypocrite lol. Follow Jen’s Journey please, no regrets as medically my life has also improved by 50 % !! So my ancestors and parents from India, South Africa and The Netherlands did most things in life the natural way so why cant we learn from them keep their legacy and spirits in the air, alive and kicking. After all what they taught us works. Anyway at times i might speak strange, my spelling and grammatical won’t be perfect as i do have medical problems obstructing me from Hugs and Kisses!

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Please read further or click ads and book a train trip or tickets for Amsterdam etc this way I earn a commission from the companies I affiliate with and I Inspire ans influence you the best I can! I don’t have a business I work as a partner/affiliate/publisher/model. Thank you!

Seeing that i have Dutch, English and in many other countries fans, followers and visitors i will make my site Dutch and English however you can use the Translate button, offcourse it sounds and looks at times stupid translation, sounds funny but it might help you in your language. So try it.

DUTCH: Halloooo! Mijn hele website is te vertalen maar G Translate kan jou soms vloeken, laten lachen, uitlachen, beledigen of gewoon goed zijn werk doen. Kijk maar!


p style=”text-align: left”>ENGLISH: Hellloooooo!! You can translate my website but i guess G Translate will either make you laugh, swear you at times, say nasty or dirty words, shame you or just be good to you, you never know so darlings you decide!

I love travelling by trains! Sustainable and easy go lucky! Discover the world with me and let’s go with Interrail!

Ik ben gek op treinen! Lekker duurzaam en gemakkelijk! Zoek de wereld op via treinen gaan we samen met Interrail!



I  am late with getting my website online however there’s plenty of stuff to look at and i hope you support me by clicking affiliate links, ads and banners and deals but even vegan books, travel and lifestyle, maybe purchasing something or booking a holiday via me wink wink, this way i earn a commission, the company pays me not you. Offcourse i am your influencer /model/publisher and you get the best deals from me Miss Fauxy (Jennifer Kisten, Fauxy Vegan, Faux & Friends) as you have seen me influencing on my FBInstagram .

If you want to read further please do, check out other pages and ads or come back sometime there’s always new posts even though i’m not medically well i’ll even post from my hospital bed too( in 2020 as well). I might if im lay down on my side or back lol i’ll do my best to edit this site and bring to you great stuff. There are affiliate links all over the place and there’s a few places i always go back to and that’s Holland & Barrett , Booking.com, Myprotein, i order my tickets to visit museums etc for any country from Tiqets and especially Amsterdam, lol i love Amsterdam, i just skip the line by ordering it online. Just do it it’s convenient and digital, there’s no delays, and these days we don’t even print and waste paper.

holland and barrett met menopause en 4 anderen

if you don’t like to support me by clicking on links that are linking to other companies well that’s just too bad, strike my page off your favorites and skip me as my entire site has partnerships and affiliate links so i can earn as a model and publisher. You will see links everywhere this is the way i get a commission like i said before the company pays me a small fee to bring them customers and i only suggest stuff i tried out, gonna try from the same companies and i trust them totally. Offcourse we human so sometimes you might experience issues certain things i won’t be able to control. But most of all i hope you enjoy and take advantage of these links most are way before it appears on television or ads in the newspaper or magazines. So you can add me back to your favorites now and visit me again ahahahah. Hugs and kisses Jen ( Miss Fauxy).  Don’t forget to SMILE darlings!! Ahahah!! Thank you / Dankje.

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I’m waving on the riverbanks banks of the North Sea Canal in IJmuiden Aan Zee in style as you can see, picknicking where the world’s biggest sustainable sea lock is being built for world trade, yes also Beauty & Fashion but also for Travel and Tourism as you see here below. This is near Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe. We have to seriously start think about what we doing to our planet, Mother Earth and especially our animal kingdom!! The Dutch are leaders in eco solutions, innovation, design, energy, water, saving our climate and creating a safe environment, upcycling and recycyling as well to live and work in but also for a cleaner trading future.

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Travel with me, get amazing deals, also with Holland America Line like i do for the experience its the same like when i test and wear cruelty free make i never use one brand neither do i use 1 type of organic creams, it just doesnt work totally well so like this im versatile an not scared to travel and i experience different transport, culture, language, vegan food, different times and days to try it all out in life. Even if you getting oldere like me be smart be wise be free enjoy life. So please click on this banner i love HAL but also many other cruises check it out here below. Hugs xx

8B72BCD2-CDDC-4EFD-82F0-FF868F79FDD9 She’s actually saying “eeeeeuww” lol!! so i’m glad after being a Pescetarian and Vegetarian I’m now a true VEGAN. Whoop whoop!! For my  Vegan Beginners Recipe Book CLICK ON MY PIC

Back to me! Can you believe this woman she’s come all the way from South Africa in 1990 arriving in incredible Amsterdam, modelling, studying drama, dance, and theatre, becoming Miss Fauxy in 2017 but still modelling, globetrotting and Influencing you in sustainable vegan Beauty, Fashion, Gf Food Travel, Fitness & Lifestyle! Well here i am!! Back in action again. Never ever give up hope. Yes you can do it too.


You won’t say it but i’m not always so chique, prim and proper, i also enjoy nature, i love the outdoors(even If i have stalkers lol). I go camping on the mountains, go snowboarding, swim the 7 seas, i plant my own plants, I paint, I can break a leg and break a nail at times ahahaha so i dont bother as long as i have fun and i’m happy.

Anyway, The future starts here in Dutch we say “de toekomst begint hier”. Mine just begun at 50 but I feel 20 so bring it on baby!! Ahahahaha!! From WordPress free, Shopstyle Influencer and now my own business plan website to partner and affiliate, still influencing you offcourse but this time being paid for it!  So Smile, be happy!!

The Future starts here!!

Maybe Miss Fauxy was always preaching to you online from 2000 to stop abusing animals, wearing “faux” clothing and using cruelty Free and organic stuff, also to eat more Vegetarian or Vegan food, start recycling and now she’s become a TRUE VEGAN herself. My journey wasnt easy as i was at first a pescetarian, then a vegetarian, transitioning for better i don’t regret anything. What can i say, I finally found myself, are you following me  i’m 50+ you know! So i won’t say Go Vegan I will just say eat less meat and more veggies and fruit its good for you(well always wash before eating).


You lovely people knew me from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, recently Instagram and other social media sites. This is My site from 2008 which i now edited in 2017 to accomodate Miss Fauxy, i will move forward as this Organic, Sustainable, Cruelty Free, Gluten Free VEGAN Model & Influencer in Beauty, Fashion, Food, Travel & Lifestyle.

Dobar Dan from Dubrovnik, Croatia Shop Miss Fauxy’s Look click on this pic
Dobar Dan from Dubrovnik, Croatia Shop Miss Fauxy’s Look click on this pic

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I created this entire website and shop myself so i’m very proud of moi, whoop whoop! I’m so ecstatic to have put into online totally! I can hardly believe it you know!!

Faux Hats in my InstaShop
Faux Hats, bags and Vegan wear, for Men too, in my InstaShop click on my pic

Anyway i’m so sorry i didn’t finish my website but hey as i promised, im online and hey considering my medical side letting me down badly I didn’t give up and look im getting better in posting and i even realize Im alive, well and starting a new life!!



I had my site online but didnt let you know and see If I could also do without you from the usual social media sites. It’s only to show i’m capable of doing this, not buying likes and followers, not being and looking fake but genuine and  enriching myself even further on my own and learning from you too and hoping you get influence by me too. So you see after so many nasty medical mishaps and personal issues, i’m alive and well so thank you now i can start to share & smile again with you! In Dutch we say “vooral doorgaan en “Blijven Lachen” you google that darlings!!

Globe Trotting in Dubrovnik, Croatia

I can now start influencing you professionally and offcourse become a girl/lady boss ( i feel and look at times 20 but i’m 50 lol) firstly by affiliating,  partnering and collaborating with companies totally based on a healthy lifestyle.

So concerning my vegan & cruelty free Beauty, you noticed i look like a fresh, young, sexy Fauxy fit babe well offcourse i am cos i take care of my body, mind & soul in a genuine natural and honest way. Now i will be sharing it with you. Im loving Life!!

You know what im so glad i did this we site on my own i’m very stubborn I refused help by others, so you will notice that Im not totally done but Im so proud i hope i can INSPIRE you too. I always want to be independent even though i suffer chronically I can also still look pretty, I wonder why? Well, it’s because of my healthy, organic and Vegan Lifestyle you can find here at My InstaShop


Look a Model/Influencer like me has to earn money too when i suggest and refer products to you by means of paid links meaning if you book via me I also get paid. Yes offcourse you going to get the best prices and great discounts, sales etc even free stuff in the future and prizes however if i send customers to these companies who makes this possible for me to share with you.

Maybe to book your next holiday with me to visit unique places I have so I could write posts to SHARE & INSPIRE and by the way my body uses extra help from stuff i get at MyProtein , i chose the vegan and gluten free stuff offcourse because i’m also a celiac/coeliac.


Concerning My affiliation and partnerships i make it possible for you to gain  for eg when nobody else has sales or discounts but Affiliates like me make it available so i can introduce it to you and you get a great deal so eventually I get paid by third parties not by you, I just influence and introduce you. I tested CRUELTY FREE products, visted places world wide, ate at GF & VEGAN restaurants, swam The 7 seas, Lol, for months now so i cant sell you anything without me discovering and experiencing it first as I don’t believe in NONSENSE! Wherever you click and book and buy you getting real time deals and you are the first to get it!

FURNITURE, LIGHTING, ACCESSORIES Sustainable, Eco-friendly and Cruelty Free this is what Miss Fauxy is all about. Check it out please!!

Not a Normal Woman Denmark

Actually i’m still testing and experimenting, it’s Cool Im ok with that it will take time. Okee!!

Lets go lets do it!!

I love WordPress! To read my post about my Journey and get deals to start your own blog or business, a webshop even to become an affiliate like Im still doing now with a business plan package from WordPress, please click here.

Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Dankje / Thank you/ Hvala/ Merci beaucoup / Danke / Nyabonga/ Baaie Dankie/ Gracie

Love you guys!!

Hugs Kiss Kiss


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    💚🌱🌿♻️✅👩🏻‍💻 NOBODYS PERFECT. Jaaaa ik kan het wel. Im proud of me. Im doing my best. Certain stuff I lost but most of the old website I managed to recover and im still busy in the background I just wanted to see of I can do this on my own also due to having so many traumas after the other even medical. At The same time Fohr Card where Influencer Marianna Hewitt is also with made sure people know im genuine and don’t buy followers neither likes, they tested me all over and awarded me best influencer in January and December 2018 for GHD & Tesla. Anyway, Im much better now to start posting and editing. Thank you so much for supporting me. Hey guys Im getting there !! Its hard work but ive proven even If a person has issues, medical and private you can still keep on smiling and make life great again!! Im invited to many foreign countries and hotels etc and that’s been fun, i also collected a lot of media so i will first finish off my webshop and this entire website. Thank you Dankje/Hvala/Merci/Nyabonga/BaaieDankie/Obrigada/Danke Hugs and kisses 💋💋

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