Mijn Plantaardig Leven * My Plantbased Journey


Everything you see here is not from animals but looks like real FUR and WOOL, it just isn’t!!  That’s why my name is Miss Fauxy not Foxy, Ahahaha cos i’m aware of what’s going on in our lives, what we do to Our Animal KINGDOM and Our Planet!

So it’s not only what I wear but what I eat these days too. Considering what i’ve been through medically, i’m mostly thankful for changing my habits even trying to finish this website. So as far as i”m concerned i did a good job till now even though becoming an entrepeneur with partnerships and affiliations isn’t over but just started. My habits and discipline is from 2009 changed but testing products etc to share with you was more just more than a year ago. I only became a true VGN last year, 2017 yep!!

We all can contribute to becoming cleaner, healthier and fitter by starting with what we wear believe me it’s not only our animal kingdom suffering it’s also changing our climate drastically!! Think about future life, no pollution and your children’s future.

Click on My pick to view My Electric Bikes
Click on My pick to view Electric Bikes

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