My 100% PURE Sexy Vegan Lipcare 💋💋

Vegan and cruelty free non toxic lipstickHellooooo!!

Don’t you wanna Kiss my sexy Vegan lips, Ahahah, well only If you a guy. I cannot say I kissed a girl and I liked it” like Katy Perry said, lol,  cos I never did. Hey believe it or not in my 50 years not once I ever used lip injections, I challenge anybody or a surgeon to study my pics or scan my lips. But I do use whats here below and read further to know what I discovered about my food!!


I’m sure you all know by now i’m looking the way i do not only due to my discipline, gym, fitness & cycling but also my cruelty Free & Organic lip care and organic creams and food. What I actually eat I also apply on my killer body Ahahah!!

I might be 50 you all but Im feeling soooo sexy, beautiful and young and yasss im selling you different lip balm, care and lipsticks on my InstaShop and here cos i use them too, they all Organic, Vegan, cruelty Free, healthy and glutenfree!

By 100 % PURE Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free Lipstick

img_8611Offcourse I don’t use all my organic products but now you can shop my Insta Baby as i collected many different natural products for you with same or similar vegan ingredients, so you decide which you one’s you want !! When it’s ice cold like  My lips are like this

I’m So happy i finished my website so I can start sharing but also keep influencing and creating new posts to help you look, feel and be younger as we get older like me this pic is exactly 2 yrs ago and now Im 50!!

I’m one of those pretty older women who believes in natural, homeopathic,  Ayurvedic health and food( natural ancient Indian healing internally and externallg using non toxic ingredients from mother Earth only which is plantbased) and totally natural! I will do many posts on my blog later and my webshop for gluten free and vegan food it’s coming don’t worry but i’m just happy to have finished editing this old site to bring you Vegan Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle realness darlings and offcourse i use Ayurveda to be so beautiful and look organically young not just to prevent or heal illnesses, however for heridatory diseases like I have I can’t cure but stabelize and treat. If i have cross contamination with gluten then it’s drama, its fine If my lips get swollen but not my tummy, boobies or bum, cause that hurts bad!

Btw men read and purchase my grooming stuff even lip balts you see here too, as i see statistics behind closed doors everyday. So that’s really nice thank you guys i feel sooooo good as i always thought only women purchased for eg my Organic Creams!

Sexy Vegan lips

Lip butter Pomegranate

100% pure Vegan and Organic lips 100% PURE

Vegan and cruelty free lipbalm

Lipcare in my AMAZON US

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👩🏻💄🤳🏼👄IM NOT A MUA BUT I'M TESTING VEGAN LIPSTICK. ENG here below. Ben geen visagist, geen grimeur maar Ik probeer het wel. De nieuw Vegan lippenstiften zijn duur maar wel erg goed en uiteindelijk straal ik wel en lijk ik sexier en mijn lippen voller! **************************************. ENGLISH And Practice makes perfect, well Im Trying!! Whateva, Lol! It’s not only how much, what or which make-up you use its also the time testing it out and eventually your lighting too, dont f*** it up as well so i noticed!! Ahahah And I only used a wee bit as it was expensive!! *************************************** So im not so happy about my results!! But i guess practice makes perfect. I also noticed my lips are getting smaller, thinner or like emptier lol, as im nearing 50 but when i eat Gluten or wheat accidentally, somewhere, somehow it swells! I get like very Beeeeg Lips! Help!! . So if i rub Gluten on my lips its instant filler Well only if you intolerant it works? Omg!! But do i want this?? Hugs Kiss Kiss 💋💋•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••.

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