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I Love Ice Skating!!



-15° Omg are you Freezin me? Beast from the East baby!!

Woahhhhhhh let’s go skating on natural ice in Holland(Netherlands, Europe!! Are you coming? Yeahhhhh!!!

I just cannot believe we have such low temperatures, everybody in Holland are going ICE bezerk. Pity the Olympics games in Pyongyang(Chang) has ended!!

This time i will have to eat Dutch “Snert” pea soup without Gluten and totally Vegan as im a Celiac, a very rare dangerous auto immune disease where one has to abstain from Gluten lifelong and Wheat!! In my case it’s rare and not a hype as i get rash, i itch, i get blisters like herpes(Dermatitus), it’s severe!! But doesnt mean to say i cant enjoy skating right?

i managed to get my vegan skates from storage and just for you to know it’s synthetic, zoom in also on the lable.

Long ago like 20 yrs ago with my first boyfriend of 10 yrs who passed Philip De Nooij(Rip), we went skating and ate Dutch Soup on the icy route whilst professionel Dutch skaters competed in the Elfstedentocht (11 city ice skating tour). It was So exhilarating and unique so to have this in 2018 pppffff Unbelievable!!! I’m ecstatic!!

As you can see I only wear vegan and cruelty free made clothing and gear. I will never wear animal derived goods anymore never ever but I thought about wool and did research sheep need their wool sheared so I will check it out and make sure its cruelty free!!

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