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Speeding on snow with my Electric Bike

Having fun in the snow with my new Electric bike



I love Bikes and all things were one doesnt need te put fuel in it like my new electric rechargeable BIKE Omg i love it even in Winter as you can see!! I’m not a model who prefer to sunbathe all day in a foreign country to escape winter i love The Four seasons, nature and the outdoors,

Btw Im sorry my bike here above is Sold Out but please check this out!

Electric bikesIMG_7397

Electric bikes and bike gear

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❄️☃️🚲💚🔋VOORPROEFJE!! INNOVATIE!! Coming soon. Straks op mijn website!! It's Electrifying! ***************************************. Hellloooooo!! Beauty & The Bike! Dutch Innovation! Oh look it's SNOWING!! Who’s That girl, what she sitting on? I might be 50 but i’m also Ice ice baby!! Offcourse you can have fun and enjoy the comfort of SPEEDING on Snow! ************************************** So what bike do you think im riding on baby!! Would you like to ride with me? Have a Beautiful Friday don't be a wimp get out there enjoy the icy weather!! SMILE! Now where's my snow man!! Love you Hugs 💋💋BLIJVEN LACHEN BABY!! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••. #model #influencer #battery #weareelectricmagazine #sustainable #electric #cycling #missfauxy #ecofriendly #bike #crueltyfree #blogger

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Electrisch fietsen uit Nederland

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