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TROUVA Portuguese Eco Pumps-Cork & plastic bottles. Gemaakt uit Kurk & Plastic flessen

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Trouva eco pumps made in Portugal from plastic bottles and cork
Trouva Made in Portugal Eco pumps by Petite Love boutique

Eco vegan mid-heel pumps made of sustainable cork and post-consumer recycled PET plastic bottles. 
Materials: upper in sustainable cork; lining & insole in vegan leather and recycled PET plastic bottles, sole in neolite.
The cork cleaning process is super easy and does not require the use of any chemicals.

#1. Use a damp cloth and start to rub a surface in circles as gently as possible.
#2. When you feel like you are done with all the dirt, grab a soft, clean cloth and wipe the item.
#3. Let it dry and you will have a clean and good brand new cork item again
Note: if you feel the need to reinforce more difficult areas, we recommend applying a mild soap (neutral) to the damp cloth

Mid Heel Pumps | Natural


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