Vitamine D mijn redding!! Vitamin D helped me!!

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I made this selfie after drinking coffee, just a little offcourse i rinsed my mouth with tap water  except editing this pic a little(not teeth lol, not my eyes) So my eyes are really looking awesome too!! i look and feel wonderful! You wanna know why, well i stand by all my products i test them like the Vitamin D here below u seen on Fb And Instagram, it still works chapeau for Holland & Barrett.

I took these for like weeks we hardly have sun here in The Netherlands omg i’m sooooo happy so because i’m blind in one eye it tends to go crooked in winter time because there’s too little sunshine neither Vitamin D! We cannot produce that so i take supplements they help for my immune system too!

This pic is from 2017.

Omg i just can’t believe i’m 51 yrs old well im also a vegan btw!!

I excercise often and i live very naturally, plastic free, sustainable and eco friendly ! Maybe you wanna think about your habits and discipline asap!!

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Hugs Kiss Kiss 💋💋🌹

Shine bright with 50 % off from Holland & Barrett

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