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Who’s Going Shopping with me in Amsterdam?

Shopping in Amsterdam
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Beautiful Sunshine in Kalverstraat Amsterdam today.

I felt so wonderful, fresh and delightful! I just love straw hats, they protect my beautiful skin and combining Vintage with modern is so unique even with casual wear!

Btw Healthy Food, Fitness & cycling is paying off as im looking very young and Tight at almost 50 so i can wear these beautiful jeans too!

We even found a totally VEGAN restaurant but it looked nasty and dirty!! Im not used to Amsterdam being dirty I hope there are inspections there soon. Sorry darling next time but for now the sun my striped shopping bag, hat and loafers hey im ready!!

You all know Im a Vegan 3 x weekly and a Pescetarian/ Vegetarian (4 x weekly) but all My hats, clothing, bags and shoes are totally Vegan.

As you can see i always Smile and have fun in Amsterdam!

Kiss Kiss đź’‹đź’‹

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