DEXAMETHASON, Amoxy, Bactrim etc for Corona?

The medical world might have the most positive news for assistance in helping Corona to diminish I hope!

When I had this on my body before they gave me Dexamethason but also I have Dapson now and must never eat Wheat & Gluten. But this only happens a week or two after infections! I prevent myself from getting this far! Also in 2009 and 2010 I was hospitilized and when I had a bacterial brain tumor I had Bactrim for 1 month!

Back to the “breakthrough” so we might have “old medication” to help the infected and maybe calm us down as everybody is already paranoid with isolation and masks, staying indoors being shunned from activities I just hope the medical sfeer will be able to breathe and exhale normally!

So here in The Netherlands it’s summer capital S lol but can we celebrate this season? But once again, what do you know there’s new waves of the virus yet again! People firstly you should never listen to narscists like Donald Trump you will end up dead! Even if he said anything decent or true I will never ever listen to a word! But this also refers to all other issues don’t listen to his tweets just laugh at him! I think this world is crazy especially The Netherlands we all so intelligent, innovative, sustainable have respect I think but our country is becoming like USA seeing how many people voted for men like Trump here! So remember what he said about hydroxychloroquine if his medical staff hinted to him back then about this drug well Corona wouldn’t have escalated if it really worked right?

Genomen van WikipediA

I think this is a positive for Malaria and Arthritis but who wants heart attacks seriously! No not for Corona patients they have nasty complications! His tweets seem to increase in value yes and deaths our votes here increase for Right Winged politicians who hate our Earth and Animal Kingdom! They already being voted higher and higher up the ladder but later they will do what he does! To think about it we actually discriminated long ago earlier in life so everything goes together the Earth, Animals, Black & Brown people, LGBTI, spending on medication and innovation, climate change etc!

These leaders also won’t listen and spread love and good health forget our health! Even our legal system is “infected”!! Lol! There’s seriously no space in humanity for men like him as he also banned medical assistance for Transfemales so yes i’m pi**Ed off at this man nobody should listen to fake news and men who dictate to us even to cure ourselves but behind our backs only want White people to survive and be protected well sorry next!! I hope scientists will never listen to this man how could we? Because everything we fighting for and living for is being destroyed by the most powerful country supposed to protect and cherish other human beings to learn from each other not abuse and destroy neither abuse medication but inspire us be leaders help us! You know I didn’t post properly before I have so much talent but it’s all gone down the drain even to alert you, encourage and help but also do reviews of even medication I used to heal me whether in my case chemical or platbased I had no option as I almost died a few times and even DEXAMETHASON saved me before! So where was I supposed to start now yes back to Corona but how can we avoid politics if everything we do is linked and we cannot get around that neither ignore it! I might be all over the place but I know you reading and understand my ranting and raving!

People died of this drug that this Trump suggested but I just heard good news! DEXAMETHASON! I HOPE! I know my docs saved my life before early 90’s too I was younger more sick I wasn’t a Vegan but later from 2009 suffered due to nasty Coeliac Disease, Morbhus Durhing symptoms but early 90’s from Asthma Bronchitis and Atopie attacks but I survived with this wonder medication DEXAMETHASON. I think this might be a breakthrough! I was always a sick child but I ended up becoming 52! Now I just heard today that DEXAMETHASON which many hospitals gave me before and I recovered can save or help Corona patients!

BTW as a pragmatic Vegan who has 10+ chronical problems as you’ve seen documents and proof before here on but also Amoxycicline and Bactrim helped me in 2010 at Luthuli and Addington hospitals in South Africa when I had a bacterial brain tumor which you still won’t “believe” either lol because I look so great? In Asthma Center Heideheuvel, Hilversum, The Netherlands I also suffered day and night I was given by Dr Le Loux also good antibiotics! Only once in more than 10 years I had Cortisol Injections also a very powerful drug! I remember taking this for other injuries caused by human beings! So Dexamethason was very good to me long ago I hope it’s gonna help the infected!!

So no I didn’t get any injuries from the use of these drugs because they were not recent neither for long at all! Neither did I have Prednison recently I’m just saying because I know people are reading and might think my injuries now concerning Atrosis are maybe related but no they not! Ok! I have real nasty injuries caused by discriminations in The Netherlands and South Africa before but off course now after my dangerous diagnosis I’m struggling and can’t take only meds from a totally non animal friendly company from the past! Sometimes Vegans have to save their lives by entering a “No Go Zone”

I hope like you what you just heard about “Dexa” and that we get over with this Corona a Covid-19 Virus and not a bacterial infection asap! So we can get normal lives back again, business can flourish and “we” get our urgent operations for other medical problems we also desperately need before Corona and before you started to spread it all over again! I pleaded online so many times to help us out by not going outside and take to self quarantine like me until it’s safe! Well it’s easier for me to say right?

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