Don’t try this at home! Be strong I’m still here right? It’s 2020 and I’m here for you!

DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME: It’s 2020 fight back stand up straight, look ahead of you and be proud of who you are!

Helllooo my name is Jennifer Kisten! Im a survivor of numerous suicide attempts in my 52+ years of living but I’m mostly a survivor of beatings, racism, bigotry, jealousy, injustice, hate and countless mental and physical traumas and “out of this world” inhuman Discriminations both by our LAW & ORDER & CITIZENS.

I was 3 times homeless in South Africa and once in Soest The Netherlands and just once in the USA all my middle aged life. AGAIN caused by White people! So I never wanted to destroy myself because others did that for me from a long time because of just being me! At almost 53 years old on 20th November 2020 I hope change comes for good especially for our Black & Brown fellow Human Beings Worldwide not only in The Netherlands and South Africa!

When this photo was taken by my ex boyfriend who found my lifeless body after I had deliberately taken sleeping pills and wine I never felt any pain at all! I actually felt great! I thought I would sleep for good but I didn’t! So for this time I will thank Ter Gooi Hospital in Hilversum for doing a great job by rescusitating me, giving me new life and after they went back to their old style lol! Nevetherless they saved my life! So thanks a lot! I have the urge to live & breathe next you you! In Hilversum and Het Gooi and Johannesburg, Durban in South Africa ONLY the last 20+ yrs I encountered nasty confrontations 99% by White people, from that I will definitely say 90% by Blonde White Dutch and Afrikaner women, 5% were British and 5% Men provoked by the Women who all thought and still think they superior than us and that we a threat to them! My message to them so carry the way you do we will be a threat to you! We will strengthen ourselves and face the shi* cos it’s hitting very hard and nasty now! My advice is stop denying but acknowledge you’re very weak when it comes to allowing people be them themselves but worse when they don’t match up to the colour of your skin neither your eyes! Many White people think they shi* Icecream well how stupid you don’t! You also think your blood is thicker and naturally reddish than ours and your veins run straight through your body doesn’t bend around the corners either! So thank you for reading you’re welcome! Now get your act together and no we not going back to Shi*ho*le countries because you tell us to! Nobody owns the land we all walk on equally! Man up, women up, human up take responsibility apologize and move on now! I’d you don’t you don’t expect Peace, Harmony, Rules, Regulations and Law & Order to be obeyed put out btw firstly by you to discriminate and dominate others who you think will go down to your chamber or dungeon to subdue, be whipped and schackled all over again !

Once again get your ACT together full stop! Have a lovely Sunday! Hugs kiss kiss Jen (Miss Fauxy). Kiss kiss

Be equal, be kind, don”t implement your nasty past as if you’re a wolf wearing sheep’s clothing! We are fed up! Start with your medical and legal nonsense first then we friends!! Thank you!

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