Omg Hijs de vlag! Thank you Android Planet & Motorola! #pride #wallpaper #blackbrown #LGB(TI)!

FINALLY BLACK & #BROWNLIVESMATTER also incorporated in our #flag #BLACK and #Brown #ALLLIVESMATTER where we were always excluded omg thank you #Motorola and #Android Planet #intersexlivesmatter #translivesmatter #lgbt #lhbt #rainbowblmflag

So I’m a straight LGBTI+ Human Being if you hate us get off my site now! They sending me death threats and also standing in front of my apparrment again checking me out but hey I don’t bother if you murder me that’s ok I have been dead and gone many times before too! Because of #hatecrimes I am fed up! I want #justice, #diversity and #inclusivity! My birth country is South Africa believe it or not I have been there and done that but you keep going on! At 53 almost I have been shunned and taped shut many times now you not gonna get away with it! Let’s free ourselves join me Jennifer Kisten lets celebrate even if most of us are still divided I have my WALLPAPERS MY CELLPHONE & IM A VEGAN!

Now whilst Corona is still alive and well I have to tried many bad food well for me so I discovered that im really Intolerant I’m 53 I do not need your reply to help me anymore! I will decide on my own what to eat as well as I’m also medically unfit by nature! I suffered too many injuries due to Racism & Gender Discriminations but as a straight member of the LGBT family I will promote happiness and a colourful future! Even if the medical world also discriminates me here in The #Netherlands I’m still #unstoppable!

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