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I Am Plastic Free What About You Lovies?


I’m sure you all know Miss Fauxy by now and what she’s trying to achieve.

So I love clean beaches but also using upcycled, recycled, sustainable, ecofriendly,vegan shoppers and totes too whilst walking along beaches in The Netherlands so I get get a little dirty recycling plastic i find on my way on our beaches but also anywhere even near our canals or roadway and highways, In this case the beach. So how do i do it?

Whilst walking be it in wind, hail, rain or sunshine I couldnt bother about chilling a bit, sipping on something in my bikini and parading nope (well I do that too lol) but these days not all day sunbathing getting wasted nope I love to admire and take care of nature (especially cleaninng up plastic, Im on a mission), so what about you? So wouldnt you want your children growing up in a clean plastic free environment?

I do enjoy myself and showing off my sexy body but im not an attention seeker (Ahahah we all are at times) so i do other things like this to recycle stuff that I might see lying on the beach even in neighbourhood whilst cycling too.

I will collect it in my recycled or cotton totes and jute shoppers as If Im shopping lo like this upcycled bag here above isnt it cute, colourful and creative? But hey even I swore off plastic bags at the supermarket they all laugh at me here in Hilversum the Netherlands, where I livevhey call it “Gooische Matras” for elite, its my hometown and city its the television and radio city full of stars and influencers, models, Dj’s presenters. Hey i’ I couldnt be bothered anymore I hardly drink, I don’t do drugs(been there done that long ago when modelling too No Thanks darlings). But its a Beautiful city full of nature, just they not openminded but they very aware of animals and preserving nature. Thats awesome.

So anyway Im never ashamed of getting dirty lovies as one day Im chique madame “la Dolce vita”, wearing summer hats and high heels sipping on champagne and the following day Im your girl next door!!


So Join me in cleaning up our beaches and mess we make to protect our flora, fauna, birds fish and animals too to keep Mother Earth preserved and free from nonsense so our children can enjoy life too. So will you?


Hugs Kiss Kiss 💋💋 💚🌱🌿🔋

This from my uk amazon

From my German Amazon

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