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No Miss Fauxy doesnt always wear sexy stilletos and high heels all the time are you kidding me!!

I told you before on Instagram baby i can get really dirty like a TOMS NL“>Tom Boy lol, climbing, jumping, crawling or swimming the seven seas ahahaha offcourse i can be a wild chick too. If im walking on walls or climbing high in the mountains, hiking trails like here in Dubrovnik i love wearing comfortable shoes and offcourse i protect my eyes wearing sunshades(blind in right eye from 3 yrs old too), i wear caps, even umbrellas to protect my beautiful skin so you must enjoy everything with limits.</p

Miss Fauxy on the set of Game of Thrones in Dubrovnik wearing vegan sneakers

So I collected plenty VEGAN sneakers not only for going to the gym, cycling and fitness noooooo darling you must have a look cos we going walking on high ancient walls from films like Game of Thrones, let’s go baby!!

I am sitting here on the Walls of Dubrovnik in the Old Town, Stari Grad(city), behind me is Lovrenac see other posts about this place full of Drama, death and theatre too. I love beautiful scenic, exciting and full of dramatic history places like this. So one has to wear sneakers or very comfy flats as the wall is high and there are many steps to climb. I love it, i still look great and feminine wearing jeans and my Vegan sneakers, flats and flip flops you can find here in my InstaShop cruelty free (sneaker list).

I partnered with ShopStyle  but many other vegan and vegetarian companies like TOMS NL Toms to bring you Cruelty Free holiday comfy sneakers to explore Ancient cities, mouintains and walls during the day like I do especially to see those places from Game of Thrones, Robin Hood, Star Wars and soon im going to Dubrovnik again as the new James Bond film is being filmed in 2018.

dedoubler.com/click?p(270997)a(3005275)g(23193964)”> Toms in 9 countries, click on your country flag!


I’ll do another post for Vegan Heels, wedges and “fetish”shoes soon but here below you will see similar posts. Ooohhh la la i  can’t wait to go again as i’ve been to Croatia in 2017 and 2016 like 4 times already I just can’t and won’t get enough of this incredible mediëval city exactly like its in the movies.



/lists/list/47817810″> Vegan & Cruelty Free Sneakers


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