My Struggles are always your future!

Ill have to say there’s a totally different METAMORPHOSIS IN PROGRESS lol!

JK Omg take it easy! No I’m not like what’s her name this lady from “Indecent proposal” lol never been there never done that! Get that straight!

You know if I was so nasty I would have exposed and ashamed many! I didn’t I’m not that bad! Can be a bitch though lol! These days in this nasty world but also FUN secretive world one has to be a bitch but also have “bols”.

So if you can’t be a strong but loving, disciplined and unstoppable bitch well they will say “Thank you, next”! Can i get an Amen!

The Netherlands is still cool but BEAUTIFUL it is it’s just that people becoming or trying to ethnic profile others and when they find out you’re different oooohhhh eh eh you are going to suffer! Yep like I did! But I forced my city to help me because everything till today is mostly so PRETTY & PRIM & PROPER! 


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