Mijn Plantaardig Leven * My Plantbased Journey

Going to the Army

Duisberg Germany, 2017

Hellloooo, Guten Tag!

This time im in Germany. I live in the 3 country zones( 3 Landen punt) and that’s Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands(Vaalseberg, Limburg).

We are like neighbours as our borders are joined.

I get to travel all the time as i am an influencer and model so if you enjoy Globetrotting like me, Europe is ideal to live in and travel as we have great infrastructure.

We have Plane’s, train’s, ship’s(cruises), ferry’s, boats, hovercrafts, tram’s, metro’s, busses and, tuc tuc’s, rickshaws, taxi’s and most of all bicycles all over. Our underground transport services are excellent, hi tech, fast and luxury too. So being a Travel influencer and travelling all over isnt easy but convenient, clean, neat and exciting.

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