Just Chilling with Avascular Necrosis #avasculairenecrose #NeverGiveUp!

So guys at times I can walk properly for 1 to 2 hours but very slowly and at times a bit quicker but with #Artrosis it’s terrible! I actually want all my conditions to be recognized!

I will succeed but it’s taking too long so when I said on Twitter “my struggles is your future” I didn’t only mean for females whom are different or any #LGBTI I also meant for medical and social issues! But yet again I’m using my experience to empower you even if you follow my story and still a bit confused and lost!

In the past even with #coeliacdisease the Dutch Tax services called #Belastingdienst didn’t beliece me but also #ethnicprofiled me. I have proof from 2009 but my condition also doesn’t change unless there’s a cure! I take for #CoeliacDisease, #Coeliakie actually 100 to 200mg per day with the diet I must! So I cried and argued in Sloterdijk as they kept charging me €2000 + not +- but always said well you chronidcl disorders we will just deduct from what you owe us! Lol so no I don’t get enough for my bad dieet but with everything and everybody these days they tend to discriminate badly ! It’s even getting to our police or they know you’re different can see your race that’s when everything’s swept under the carpet! This is gonna be confusing but all round I’m deprived so offcourse I’m upset but I must try to get done with all of this! We shall see!

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