Mijn Plantaardig Leven * My Plantbased Journey

Food is First in America!! No way animals gonna be Spared!!

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AS IF ITS SPRING, in The Netherlands!!

Hallooooo Hilversum!! Its just incredible and unbelievable what flowers and plants can do for the human body and mind! I am so glad I became a #vegan.

When i went to America i realized people are not gonna change, well not so soon they love their food, first!! Supermarkets galore, huge consumptions, dairy, meat, fish, chicken! And animals for consumption will always be there but maybe not ones who pollutes the atmosphere as well.

So even my medication is plantbased now and besides being sustainable and cruelty free, Mother Earth, our kids and animal kingdoms future lies in our hands and mouths right? Hey let’s #govegan or eat less meat, fish and chicken, just try please!!

I might be using this decor from a fish restaurant but thats it Im not eating it!! Im just admiring the beauty of a restaurant that my city just gained and wondering how we can recreate seafood without catching them, polluting their homes and emptying the sea!! i wish I wish! I think scientists must clone edible lobsters and meat and the Catch of The Day for eg, As If it grows and doesnt leave Carbon Footprints at all. I wouldnt mind bees neither what was found first on Earth and made Earth what it is namely organisms like algae!!

Btw Im wearing all natural makeup no tricks and surgery i just stopped drinking(sometimes a champagne or wine), I stopped smoking long ago, I never did drugs im a Vegan and freefromall nonsense thats all!! So its my discipline and habits btw Im 50+.

Hugs Kiss Kiss πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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