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Miss Fauxy’s Verified Influencer Card from FOHR! Are you authentic or Fake?


UPDATED: 6/2018
So i became top influencer for GHD & TESLA!! Not bad for a starter affiliate right? Can I get a SMILE please! Blijven Lachen!!



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💚🌿♻️✅FOHR CARD. VERIFIED AUTHENTIC FOLLOWING Shout Out To Brands & Influencers! If you want this Beautiful Badge Well darling you must EARN IT As you cant buy it!! Ahahah!! Being Verified to me is very important! Hellloooo @fohrcard!! Wowww!! Thank you so much!! I Love You. Hugs Bless you!! Kiss Kiss! 💋💋🙏🏼. I am Thankful!!***************************************. Ooohhhh darling, im so ecstatic Ahahah! I am now an Influencer with an Authentic Following over The entire World Wide Web on all Socia Media!! This is My 1st Online Badge im putting it up on My Website asap! Even though my Instagram acc only has 800 followers even @marianna_hewitt (Marianna Hewitt) has this badge so I am Worth it! Hugs 💋💋••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #fohrcard #verified #instagram #youtube #facebook #verifiedaccount #brand #branding #badge #model #influencer #blogger #marketing #socialmediamarketing #shoutout @shopstyle @shopstylecollective @shopstyle_europe #popsugar #veganshare #beauty #photography #business #instafashion #beautyblogger #travelblogger #travel #skin #body #instafit #gym #fashionista #fashion

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This is Asos

Hi, my webshop and site is still being built and edited. Affiliate links in my posts and ads work, feel free to click on them as i suggest this for you and yes i earn a commission from the company as an advertiser, publisher and model/Influencer. Please be patient for my webshop(medical ups and downs) however my InstaShop on ShopStyle is online. Hugs kiss kiss xx Miss Fauxy(Jennifer Kisten) Dismiss

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