Na 30 jaar noem ik mezelf een Hollandse Worrie! Een Drama & Trauma Queen


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Hollandse Worrie!
Can I get a smile please? 

Read my # get to know me!
Miss Fauxy
Je lokale nachtmerrie!

Hugs kiss kiss xx
Blijven lachen/Smile
Jennifer Kisten

Als jullie mij nooit beter leer kennen hoe zal ik ooit in Nederland in vrede kunnen leven! Ze zeggen “Social Media can break or make you”! Ik ben vaak gebeten en gebroken tuurlijk maar nu is het tijd om terug te “krabben” !

#avascularnecrosis (Injury)
#avasculairenecrose (letsel)
#chronischepijn (letsel)
#chronicalpain (injury)
#bursitas ( schouder letsel)
(schouder impingement)
#asthmabronchitus (birth Brown Indian ancestory))
#astmabronchitis ( erfelijk Bruine Indiase voorouders)
#coeliakie (erfelijk medisch bewezen, Witte vader, biopsie)
#coeliacdisease (also called #celiac, rare auto immune medically proven biopsie from White ancestory)
#strabismus (letsel kind)
#blindeye (Injury childhood injury)
#blindoog (letsel kind)
#scheelzien (letsel kind)
#allergy different than intolerancy( White father, food, animals, dust mites, mould, pollen, grass, animals, shelled fish )
#allergieën( Witte Vader, voeding, gras, pollen, schimmel, schaal en schelp dieren, huisstofmijt, 
#intolerantie(vooral voeding gluten en tarwe & jij nu lol)
#intolerancy (Food, mostly gluten & wheat too & you in 2020 lol)
#bacterialbraintumor (after Injury & exposure to wood worm borer)
#bacterielebreintumor (na letsel & blootstelling aan borer/houtworm)
#morbhusdurhing (heridatory White father)
#ziektevandurhing(erfelijk Witte Vader)
#raredisease #autoimmune small intestine and Ibs, irritable bowel syndrome, nee geen Hiv/Aids, nope not that! There’s a lot of Auto Immunes around! Lol!
And I have many
#trauma! That impacts ones lives terribly and just look at me smile!
PTST (vooral uit Haat Misdaden)
#PTSD(too many deliberately mostly hate crimes see above even rare diseases is traumatic to me and not DSMV like the Dutch medical experts keep saying and insulting that I”m a mental case lol see above)! So it “boils” down now to SOMATIC MEDICAL disorders/diseases/disabilities/handicaps/lifelong care & lots of medication so these are REAL ISSUES not a joke neither is it “fake” neither do I pretend or act as if!!

But also #bullying (that’s why I say No Hate)! Most all cases are
#discrimination & #racism (too many in South Africa, birth & The Netherlands, naturalized).
See documents in other posts here below! Actually there’s seriously more but I guess nobody believes me neither do family because I never had anything when I was with them as a child/teenager but only a
“Cocked” eye!

There’s no crazy bish here neither is there a placebo neither do I have  MUNCHHAUSER

I do think I have a high IQ but I do not need to prove it to anybody! When I came to the Netherlands in 1990 people I wasn’t “degraded” until 2000 lol but it’s 2020 let’s move on and work together!

So I’m my own boss I will try to uplift & upgrade myself as of 2020 starting today to the fullest! I just hope you get inspired because I’m almost 53 yrs old it doesn’t matter what kinda female I am either I have Beauty with Brains enough for people and children to follow me too! I will never allow anybody to tell me otherwise yes even if I’m different! Especially our youth to learn and understand some of us weren’t fed with a golden spoon!

Thank you! Next!

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