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Vegan Pocket Dress, Straw Hat & Bag



Join Jen’s Journey with Miss Fauxy in Copenhagen

I’m waiting to put my arms around him! Never mind the rain, you gottta move on darling! I know i can look good in upcycled and recycled Vintage though! So can you! 

Do you like my looks and also wonder how i look so good and have Beautiful legs at almost 50(20 November 2017)?

Well, it’s not only Gym, Fitness and cycling! I changed my lifestyle totally, especially becoming CrueltyFree and Vegan. Check my InstaShop out for all my Organic and Sustainable products and Vegan outfits. 

I have no regrets! Besides my Healthy Lifestyle my great Organic and Vegan products can be purchased at my InstaShop, even for hair, accessories, Vegan shoes, t-shirts, dresses, tops, bags everything i have collected for you too, Guy’s stuff as well.

Im sure you like my bag and Straw Hat? My heels are also vintage and made from CRUELTYFREE material! I am going to auction some items you see im wearing so you can bid at the website of Free A Girl(they save young girls from forced prostitution world wide but especially children from India), please visit my landing page with them. 

Please support me and Free a Girl to raise funds to FREE CHILDREN from forced prostitution. Thank you.
This Rare CrueltyFree Vintage Bag are among items i will be auctioning to raise funds for FREE A GIRL to raise funds and FREE YOUNG GIRLS FROM FORCED PROSTITUTION worldwide especially in India as im half Indian.

To visit my InstaShop /please click on The link here below.  


Thank you. Hugs Kiss Kiss 💋💋

Hi, my webshop and site is still being built and edited. Only affiliate links and ads work, feel free to click on them as i suggest this for you and yes i earn a commission from the company as an advertiser and publisher on my entire site. Please be patient for my webshop however my ShopStyle InstaShop is online. Hugs kiss kiss xx Miss Fauxy(Jennifer Kisten) Dismiss

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