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Solar Powered Parking Meters



The future is Solar Power which is Sun Energy!

Halloooooo Amerika!!

This solar powered parking meter i discovered recently whilst strolling downtown Houston, Texas, a diverse and resilient city, which is also the 4th biggest state in the Usa.

My stays in Hotels, hostels, Rv’s and BnB’s was memorable, big, scary at times, very busy but also learned. So Dutch peeps do we have this too or are we getting it? I think its a great idea what do you think? Isn’t sun energy our future?

Did you know where i actually come from, The Netherlands, is actually a leading country in Innovation, Sustainablity and creating Eco-Solutions especially in our waterways but we also way ahead of most countries with banning plastic for eg!

So 3 days ago I was thinking about American folk having no Hurricane flooding like Harvey or Florence recently and having to experience the nasty results from normal floods, lose lives etc. This video here below is the first drops of Hurricane Florence

If they learnt to prevent like our Dutchies build dams, canals and lakes etc without letting us feel it neither suffer or lose our propertys cars, homes etc as we also have bad weather at times so yeahhhh Im proud of them.

I hope like Japan etc Usa will use our Engineering skills and implement our ways of preventing massive and extensive flood damage!!

Hugs Kiss Kiss 💋💋

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