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Wearing Faux Wool this Winter on the Beach


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I love walking on the beach even if its getting colder now, i just dress up warm and off i go. What about you do you like cold weather?

I’m sure you all know by now that i’m a very fit 50 year old and i must go outside for an adventure or just to breathe fresh and clean air. You must try it too, take your Iphone with you it’s ok as long as you keep fit and get enough oxygen and enjoy and appreciate nature. I love making nature pics at the same time not only social networking or blogging nope i make the best of every day.

I admire Europe for having 4 seasons clearly visible so i can dress up or dress down. I love wearing cruelty free clothing,¬†even when i wasn’t a Vegan i still wore faux but at times real wool and leather but they were organic and sustainably bought. The same when i was a Pescetarian i only ate Msc blue label sustainable fish, Peta told me theres no such thing well there is and it helped me on my transition, now i’m a Vegan.

Anyway, would you like to spare animals and start wearing Faux clothing, faux Fur, Suede & Wool etc this winter and stil look and feel beautiful and warm then Shop my Style. Click on my pic it takes you to my Shopstyle where you can shop all my Instagram looks too. If you not interested to a look around and enjoy my natural and organic living and read further.

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