Happy Halloween

My attempt to be an Alien wearing just one attribute.

I think it was a success. So weird as the lighting was also strange!

So Cool!

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#Repost @joinjensjourney (@get_repost) ・・・ 🎃👽👻Hellllooooo SHE'S a whaaaat? TRICK OR TREAT!! Let's be ABnormal but still Creative just by using 1 attribute how bout dat baby? I rose to a dull, rainy, cold day, later the sun came out or was it the bright lights of a Flying Saucer that was so bright or me woken up and being taken by @spacex ? Well, Im still floating!! Feeling chill and calm! Look look i Did it!! Just 1 CRAZY item! TRY IT!!! Well I'm not Cher like Kkw lol but i also have half Indian blood. ***************************************. And no Im not being alienated! Ahahaha! I promise I wont behave strangely!! 💋💋 🌿♻️👽. ***************************************. Have a wicked evening day. Mwahhh @elonmusk im preparing Ahahah!! am I a cute #pumpkin or a weird alien #blogger lol

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