How to cope with Asthma, Allergies & Bronchitus @ home




All my life i suffer from ASTHMA & BronchitIs with allergies(in dutch it’s called astma bronchiale met atopie), yet another chronical illness, but hey i cope with it. SURPRISE!!!

I adjust, firstly in my bedroom, The Most important as one sleeeps T here between 5 to 8 hours and every other room in my home to prevent further problems so i live these days hardly with any major obstacles neither in and out of emergency rooms.

Astma is a nasty air passage disorder which affects one’s lungs when triggered by foreign matters for eg misty, cold, windy, rainy weather or allergies for eg dust mite(terrible for me), hair from animals( i love pets btw), grass and pollen in spring, shelled fish(im also allergic to all), hairy fruit too. They are mostly heridatory reasons but it can be caused by where you were born, near the sea like me in Durban South Africa or like the climate in your city or country in general, i have less complications in Sunny places. But i love the sea so i won’t stay away, noooooo, i will prevent attacks by using anti histamines, my ventolin and seritide puffs and taking my allergy tablets. I must also use for eg Flexonase, its a nose spray, i do try to use homeopathic ones, you all know i love following Ayurveda(natural and ancient Indian healing methods) however certain medical problems that i have aren’t always cured totally naturally because i will have to take in a lot per day, or consume, so at times it’s impossible to cure organically in a few seconds like the ventolin aerosol relieve.

Its first is an airway problem then that leads to lung issues, it can get nasty and in my case very dangerous like almost losing your life if for eg i eat prawns, lobsters or crab(allergic reactions), or if i am surrounded by thousands of dust mite or too many dog hairs. There are only 2 types of dog breeds i agree with it’s the Yorkie(yorkshire terrier) and the “Obama poodle”(the famous dog that the family Obama has). I will start weasing badly, getting short breathes,  i might collapse, i do get itchy rashes red skin which starts bleeding if i scratch in my sleep.

But hey no sweat it’s ok even during spring i have problems this is why my home is clean, neat and dust free. I wash all my bedding etc often and if i have plush animals i place it in the freezer and that’s how i kill dust mite but i have no carpet for eg or any home decor where dust can collect and nestle those tiny nasty looking (microscopic) dust mites. Also note the ventilation openings above my window, this is always open even in ice cold weather.

As you can see i have my Astma pumps/aerosols everywhere im my appartement, kitchen, bathroom etc just in case i have an attack but when your home is dust free and clean, when you don’t have real animal products lying around as im allergic for eg feathers which triggers off my astma too then there’s no need for an alarm. Always prevent than suffer.

Note the air filter removing unpleasant cooking smells etc as that also triggers off attacks in my airway. The air circulation in my entire flat is adjusted for me so i breathe fresh and clean, i always have the it on. So as you can see every room is totally dust free and neat. Actually for good health, beauty and great to have great skin anyway we always should live in a tidy and free from bacteria space. Forget all those organic and cruelty free creams if you home is dirty and a disaster.

WARNING. If you are a CELIAC / Coeliac make sure your medication doesnt have Gluten or wheat flour addative (i take Dapsone 100mg in The white container in the 1st pic)!! And now im a VEGAN so no gelatin(animal derived in marshmallows too) for me either so ask your Doc or pharmacist!

Oh did you see my spinning bike in my lounge here below? Yep thats also one of my LIFESAVERS i suggest all of you get one ASAP, you can find one even at the second hand shop or put up an ad looking for one, just get it i swear to God ahahaha!! I recovered also by having this in my home, riding it whenever i want and also getting those tight muscles and young sexy legs too, so now you know another aging secret, see got nothing to do with cremes and lotions neither food. Just a gym apparatus.

Note my Spinning bike in My lounge. I also have an electric bike to help me when i have chronic pain, suffer from astma and still wanna go outdoors instead of lying in bed all day. Click  on the pic to view spinning Bikes like this and maybe you can get one too from Amazon.


pink spinning bike

Seeing that i almost died 2x i better listen to my doctors! But never forget to SMILE!! I used to be on breathing machines in the emergency rooms often but i now learned to adapt and improve my Lifestyle for better. Im not only a Vegan now but i’m also a Celiac(Coeliac), i have 2 rare auto immune Disease so im very conscious and i try to maintain my clean and sober habits Offcourse i do not Smoke, that’s not done and very dangerous for Astma sufferers. I used to smoke too omg that’s Terrible!!

But hey look at me now SMILE darling!! Selfie time, this is what I look like When Im really sick at home but I think I look just fine.

I’m always honest and i couldn’t bother what people think of me when you see this pic for eg, but I don’t wear makeup at home at all. Ja ja and sometimes my eye is very lazy too, lol. So with all my medical issues darling I have time to smile I think I look just cool and happy as I don’t end up at emergency rooms anymore as I medicatie myself by following rules, clean home, healthy food and being fit.
Selfie time and note i don't wear makeup at home at all.


So when Im in trouble I use an electric bike but i still love The outdoors, sometimes Im The only person outside cycling or walking in the snow. click on this pic for my electric bikes.


Hellloooo/ Hallloooo!! ENG here below DUTCH: Hoi ik ben Jennifer Kisten, jullie kennen mij vroeger van Hyves, Netlog, Myspace, enzovoorts maar ik deed ook modellenwerk soms incognito, vroeger In Johannesburg, Kaapstad en Amsterdam waren alleen mijn handen, nagels, haar, benen en billen te zien lol. Ik ben een diervriendelijk veganist die behoorlijk duurzaam, gezond en zoveel mogelijk natuurlijk probeer te leven en doen. Tuurlijk is het moeilijk omdat ik ook Coeliakie heb dwz ik mag levenslang geen gluten noch tarwe innemen anders beland ik in het ziekenhuis dus heb ik geleerd plantaardig en bewust te leven vooral omdat ik merkte hoe we ons dierenrijk en klimaat verwaarlozen en misbruiken. Dus wat vele niet in geloven denk ik aub hou toch op, we moeten ons aarde voor onze kinderen ook koesteren als we willen dat hun een betere leven als wij hebben dus zorg goed voor onze planeet het is nooit te laat ik zeg niet dat je met vlees eten moet stoppen dat gebeurt toch niet helemaal maar kies bewust en probeer duurzaam te leven dat kan, ik heb ook in 2010 een bacteriële tumor gehad dus ik leef nog en hebt veel narigheid meegemaakt maar hey we moeten verder en wie kan je beter inspireren dan ik niet alleen chronische ziektes maar ook een blinde oog, ik ben 51 jaar oud, going on 31 lol dus het kom op zeg. Ik beïnvloedt dus op alle gebieden in beauty, mode, levensstijl, voeding, fitness en reizen. Ga je mee? Knuffels en Kusjes, niet vergeten te lachen oh trouwens ik ben een Intersekse vrouw, tja die bestaat ook nog net als Transgender wij zijn allemaal anders en hebben een geschiedenis ik vind dat ik ook de moeite waard ben te leven en ademen onder ons bevolking ook al denken sommige mijn kleur ook nog(tussen blank en indiase) niet welkom is maar ik heb geen de maling in dit is onze wereld. Niemand mag het claimen meer. Volg Miss Fauxy en word Faux & Friends!! ENGLISH: My name is Jennifer Kisten from The Netherlands, Europe. I was born in Durban, South Africa but live in The Netherlands(Holland) for almost 30 years now. I became Dutch by naturalization in 1994. My drive in life is worth it! Let me take you into a journey full of plantbased fun, organic beauty, fashion, food, travel and Lifestyle. I live sustainably, healthy, natural and i am a cruelty free vegan(100 % pure). My site was also created due to me having 2 rare auto immune diseases sinds 2009(Coeliac/Celiac & Morbus Duhring). I must eat Gluten free and wheat free food, take medication life long and always abide to this strictly as i might end up in hospital every time i consume accidently or become cross contaminated! So my condition with sickness of Durhing is about 1200 amongst 17 000 000 people in my country. It's very difficult to be a vegan and gluten free i hope one day there's a tablet lol i must add that life isn't always pleasurable i try my best to live with this condition so it's not a hype like social media tells you and people make fun of us. I am also blind in my right eye. I'm 51 years and i have many beauty secrets so i want to share and inspire you so you can live eco friendly, healthier, be more beautiful and fit even with a are disorders, diseases and chronical illnesses like i do. The most impacting medical drama in my life was having a bacterial brain tumor in 2010 in South Africa, and turning my life totally upside down, recovering and moving forward. Look at me now? I still have trouble with stability for eg but every disorder in my body one doesn't see, im thankful for that and worked hard to become who i am! I am also able to express myself and have a beautiful body as it doesn't just appear i learnt to take care of myself organically and free from all to survive my conditions! So when i was a child having that right blind eye which was also crooked and kids bullied me badly! That “cocked” eye was corrected in The Netherlands in the early 90’s, Thank God!! So even this i experienced. To make things worse im an Intersex Born female(old word Hermaphrodite). So like a Transgender human being i experienced being a man and woman. I look female naturally but have a little bit masculinity in me too! I Did have a genital correction to fix this issue and im too happy to be me the way i was supposed to be born. But before this correction i had bullies too, kids and adults can be cruel at times so all in all i'm a good ambassador to Inspire anybody in difficult times. Rise and shine whether is gender discrimination or the colour of my skin been there done that too, this world is so cruel and fauxed up lol!! That’s it. I know some may find this hard to believe as i look so beautiful and normal, my life seems too good but it's true, so Let's and empower. SMILE, SHARE & INSPIRE! Miss Fauxy (Jennifer Kisten) so hopefully you will join Faux & Friends soon. Hugs and Kisses! Let’s Go Let’s Do It! Thank you and bless! Keep Smiling, Keep Shining!

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