Thy Shall Not Erase other Human Beings!


THY SHALL NOT ERASE OTHER HUMAN BEINGS!! My life is full of big surprises but also bad, nasty aches but hey c’mon lovies lets go lets do it!!
You know why cos we are worth it!

🙏🏽So I am a straight Intersex female, just saying!!
Whether some want to disrespect, abuse, murder and bully all whom are different and these days for eg being totally wiped out like Transgender folk, guess what, we will not be erased anywhere in this world as we belong in this Universe too!!

We are all God’s Children as we came from some mothers womb just like you!!

DID YOU KNOW: All people whom are excluded, dehumanized, physically abused and killed all over the world due to their sexuality or gender is actually very close to you mostly! They can be your child, daughter, son or your non binary(Gender fluid) blood, are actually your dad, mom, grandad, grandmom, uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, your neighbour, colleague, fellow student, doctor, hairstylist, mua, lawyer even your senator or nurse and local police officier, right?? So?

Another issue thats getting lots of attention now is racial discrimination!! History is repeating itself as im born in South Africa!!
Apartheid and segregation those days was nasty and destructive its 2018 look where we ended up omg!!

You know im turning 51 on the 20th of November and all im gonna do is volunteer for animals and keep our beaches clean!!

At times my head is full of big surprises but also nasty, bad aches! Im here to guide, help to comfort even though ive suffered, let’s join hands and fight back but still keep our dignity and integrity! You gotta be strong and move on!! Even in The Netherlands i suffer @hilversummediastad @pieterbroertjes @hartvoorhilversum and im going to put a stop to it in the politics @minpres @lustellie asap!! Are you gonna help me?

And American peeps please GO VOTE!! Hugs Kiss Kiss 💋💋