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Avocado on my Sexy 50 yr old “After Dark” Lips by Inika!


Miss Fauxy’s Sexy soft lips by InikaHellooooo!

I can be anything you want to be but hey darling i’m always a cf vegan who started to love wearing Lipstick like when i was young!

I’ve been testing many vegan make-up brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills(see other posts) which is also amazing and now this incredible Vgn, Cf and gluten free Inika Make-up, lipstick, and Organic EyeLiner, stippling brush, too and i’m so excited as i feel more beautiful and fresh hours after applying it.

I even slept an entire night with it on oh my word just amazing. Such a pretty name btw Inika, created in Australia!!

Really, my Journey has only started!

Offcourse not only to wear natural make-up but if you wanna live totally naturelle, no guilt be fresh and smell forever neutral like me then even my hair products are worth having a look at. I will always be using what i collected in my InstaShop for you to experiment but they all Non Toxic, so start there!!

Hi, my webshop and site is still being built and edited. Affiliate links in my posts and ads work, feel free to click on them as i suggest this for you and yes i earn a commission from the company as an advertiser, publisher and model/Influencer. Please be patient for my webshop(medical ups and downs) however my InstaShop on ShopStyle is online. Hugs kiss kiss xx Miss Fauxy(Jennifer Kisten) Dismiss

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