Miss Fauxy

I Miss my Roadtrips

Miss fauxy loved the roadtrips in the USA and she never saw divided people

Miss Fauxy’s gonna be a Mermaid for Project Mermaid on their World Tour!

i can swim the 7 seas as a Mermaid but im chosing Amsterdam

Stop Bullying!! Discriminatie, Priveleges en Machtsvertoon maar geen Herkenning meer van Transgender Volk in de VS

Discriminatie en uitroeien van Transgender mensen!

Food is First in America!! No way animals gonna be Spared!!

If we could eat less meat and more plants we will pollute less so How about…

Amsterdam & The Netherlands has a lot to offer!

Amsterdam and The Netherlands is a great place to Travel

Getting Fat in USA or am I Thick Af?

Is Miss Fauxy fat or muscled?