My name is Jennifer Kisten. I live in The Netherlands in Europe, also known as Holland. A beautiful country more than just Van Gogh, Rembrandt, cheese, windmills and cows grazing. I know better as i love the modern day Dutch culture, mentality, perseverance and dedication!

Jennifer Kisten by Paul Tolenaar for Trivonline.nl(magazine) 2007

Jennifer say’s “not all members of the Lgbti are lesbian or Homosexual, get that “straight”, lol! I am a heterosexual Intersex female( old word is Hermaphrodite). In Dutch we say “hermafrodiet” which is actually an Interseks person (DSD). There are too many variations and conditions! I am not gonna cover that! Xx

So i was born in Durban in 1967 from an Indian mother and a white father, with Dutch roots. I now reside permanently in the Netherlands since 1990 and became a naturalized Dutch Citizen in 1994, in order to achieve Dutch Status one must study and work at the same time, minimum 4 yrs back then to earn it as i don’t come from a war torn country. However, I denounced my South African Citizineship as my birth country changed politically but its citizens still remained divided and there was turmoil and corruption, there still is.

Jennifer Kisten
2007 Jennifer Kisten by Photographer Paul tolenaar for Trivonline.nl

I needed to spread my wings and fly far away. So I auditioned at a “fame” type of school in Amsterdam and i was eventually accepted from 300 world wide students. I ended up being accepted after months of gruelling auditions. I survived, lol, as Dutch Standards were 2x higher than in South Africa. Btw I Love Amsterdam Omg Iamsterdam lol!!


I studied non stop and worked in the catering but i also did dance, theatre, drama, modelling and television work in my past and enjoyed life to the fullest coming from South Africa to Europe however i clashed quite often with myself and my medical side but now i am older, wiser, free, fit and a healthy Pescetarian (update November 2017 im officially a self proclaimed Vegan), i have no regrets!!


I am almost 50 years old but i look and feel young and vibrant so this is why i want to share my escalation in life with you to look and feel great no matter what difficulties in life you experience. Jen’s Journey was created due to me living with 2 rare auto immune diseases, Coeliac (celiac) disease and Morbhus Durhing, a blind eye and other nasty chronical illnesses from birth!

I used to be very loud mouthed, emotional, chaotic, stressed and sometimes as if i had Adhd, however i created a stable, happy, healthy and inspiring life full of Smiles and Sunshine.

Miss Fauxy 2017

This had alot to do with bullying as i was an Intersex female( old word Hermaphrodite) but also racism as i experienced Apartheid in South Africa. These days we only hear of Transgender males and females paving the way to be recognized however i was correctively operated in Amsterdam to lead a better female life as i was supposed to be born a total female. So i didnt have a sex change neither drastic changes but a genital correction only as im naturally a beautiful female with indian genes im happy with my appearance, fitness, gym, healthy eating and cycling makes me a Beautiful 50 yr old. Life has full of surprises but im loving it. Respect and try to tolerate i shall say.

GlobeTrotting on The Set of Game of Thrones 2017

Only a few people know this but in 2010 i suffered a bacterial brain tumor in Johannsburg When I was there for The FIFA World Cup and Btw just months after my Celiac diagnosis in 2009!! Ppppffff! Heres another thing you don’t know I have 9 in total of rare auto immune(2) and chronical illnesses and Im a regular at The emergency room but I changed My Lifestyle not to be there often anymore!! I have so many illnesses that Im in and out of hospital well I was, Ahahah. Please read old Posts and see pics on my Instagram and you will know I used The Ancient Indian method of healing Ayurveda till today however I cant cure my heridatory diseases I can now live better with them!!

Okee so here’s a Few pics suffering differently in different countries also whilst influencing you so as you see its not only that Im intolerant for wheat and gluten. Btw the very nasty pics Im not yet ready to show you. Hope you understand. But I will as I want this to set an example of recovery and strength to assist all of you!

This tumor btw left a dark spot on my brain. I still moved forward and proved to everyone who knew me well that im a strong, determined woman whos been through hell and back but never ever gives up hope, neither should you. “Go get em”, and never forget to smile!! So because of the way I look on My Instagram nobody ever believe me, unless they see proof. So you see this last pic here above, me smiling, pppffff I was in quarantaine in TerGooi Hospital in Hilversum, The Netherlands, but note my broad smile, my doc and the nursing just couldnt believe it they had to use masks as I also had pneumonie!! I don’t even have fake teeth and i don’t make them white unnaturally but I use organic stuff from my InstaShop.Yep I can look sooooo bad and as If Im really 50 When Im in hospital so its up to you to lay in your bed and let the diseases fight you and suffer or do you fight back and go home and breathe properly on your own again!!! Im one tough cookie darlings!!


So like these pics here below If something happened then I would quickly try to gain strength, get off that hospital bed and run around like a little girl!! I used to smoke but offcourse not anymore but bah thats nasty as you will not heal properly so instead I go to the gym, cycle and eat naturally and properly no junk food daily but Fresh. Im not like a nun you know I also sin like go to a bar or dance festival but I don’t do drugs just wine!!

im too glad to be alive, smile again and share my adventures with you, my passion and love for Beauty, Fashion, GF Food(lifelong due to heridatory factors and Dangerous gluten Intolerance), Fitness, Photography, Travel & Wellness with you in a Natural, Eco Friendly, Organic, Gluten free and Cruelty Free way. I did it my way, no regrets darlings!!

And listen to this,  I also have nasty allergies so bad that I can get choked and lose consciousness!! And since 2002 I suffered 2 Neck Hernias(The worse ever for me as I have chronical pain daily!! Now I have cervical facet artrose and lumbal facet atrose!!!


Pppffff Lets move on!!!

Anyway I love people whom are honest, consider and respect nature and animals, our environment and lead an Eco Friendly and Sustainable life especially when there are medical obstacles. I started this blog actually in 2008 but never really finished it but in 2017 im proud of myself i achieved a status i now share and enjoy, i can also be an affiliate or partner to companies now in 2017 and earn money through my blog by recommending products i use daily or advise you to help you in your life too, to SHARE & INSPIRE the world!

Once again welcome to my  healthy, fit, lively, CrueltyFree, GlutenFree, Sustainable and Pescetarian/ Vegetarian(4x weekly), Vegan(3x weekly) lifestyle (UPDATE im now a VEGAN yeahhhh!)

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So come along JOIN JEN’S JOURNEY & MISS FAUXY, let’s connect, become stronger and inspire others too, what do you say, let me know please.

I AM LACTOSE FREE YIPPIEEE. Drink Nut, Kokos, Soya or Rice Milk

Sometimes I like to be a real Drama Queen but Hey otherwise life is boring. Seeing I don’t look 5 you gotta keep smiling and enjoy life!!


Hugs & Kiss kiss,

Bless. LOVE, RESPECT & SMILE!! #noh8 JK (Miss Fauxy)

Travel with Miss Fauxy (Jennifer Kisten)

This here below is the most shocking and devastating in my life but offcourse im over it

I believe that we can make our climate and lives totally clean, healthy and sustainable! After all I’m almost 50, look great young and sexy due to my discipline, by leading a non toxic life, being fit, going to the gym, cycling, eating healthy, organic and gluten/wheat free food, especially as a biopsy revealed I am a Coeliac/Celiac with Morbhus Durhing since 2009 and i have actually influenced online since that day in August when I got The bad news!! And now i’ve become a Gluten Free Vegan too. It’s very difficult for me and this is not a hype(like on reality tv) but a medical must, people Joke about this but take a look at my pics here below! Its schocking!!

I hope you can Join my Journey and create your happiness, love for animals and brighten up your lives like i learnt to mostly due to me having 2 rare auto immune diseases and chronical illnesses, i’m sure there are many people out there suffering for years even allergies from wearing Fur for eg and that our climate and animals are suffering for our beauty and fashion but don’t know that, and like i discovered i became badly ill after eating prepacked meat,  wheat and gluten products, for example food with even gelatine(made from animal leftovers), yes, in marshmallows too, i used to love the ones with coconut yum yum but i landed in hospital so that wasn’t fun.
WARNING: SCHOCKING PICS HERE BELOW OF MISS FAUXY’S MEDICAL JOURNEY (JENNIFER KISTEN’S) SUFFERING BEFORE BECOMING AN INDEPENDANT LADY AGAIN IN 2018. Even though i studied, worked normally, did theater, dance and modelled before i was also refused to pick myself up and go go as I gained scars, visible in real life but not in pics, from 2009 until 2017 I COULDNT BECOME A PROPER MODEL AGAIN DUE TO MY SCARS BUT I LOVE MY SCARS so I thought I might as well SASHAY AWAY FROM THE SPOTLIGHTS lol and start my own website and shop now even though i’m 50!
I suffererd tremendously, I even had a bacterial brain Tumor after the blistering and damage on my body, face, legs, arms every opening it was awful and in 2010 and until now hardly anyone knows this except family and close friends and South African Hospitals at that time the 1st day of FIFA SOCCER began in Durban South Africa I was admitted to a beach hospital. So thank you South African doctors! I also had to change my lifestyle many times and drastically. My life is very complicated so i can’t tell you everything now.
So you see this is why I wanna be your influencer If I can do it so can you!! This here below is awful there are more horrible pics but I wont make you more sick lol. Remember what you seeing here below is not normal, not everyday you will see a Beautiful woman suffering like this her skin turning yellow, painful, and hard like  elephant skin but with sensitivity and then recovering and striking a pose here and influencing you. I wanna very honest, I also had very abusive relationship with Lots of love and temper, mine was anger to myself Why didnt I leave earlier but

Deze diashow vereist JavaScript.

Deze diashow vereist JavaScript.

 Why i’ve become a True VGN?  No not only because of my medical side but also what i’ve seen online how we torture and abuse animals  for consumption, our planet, just for our Food, Beauty & Lifestyle!! They really don’t need to be abused and so badly tortured you know!! This hurt me for many years especially after seeing videos online i had many trauma’s and i’m not embarassed to tell you i even needed therapy! It worked I visited mental health care, but Im sure you know i’ve experienced other bullying too, so Hey from a Child I am strong, not hard as a rock, but with a soft and loving personality I just don’t tolerate nonsense and violence anymore. I even survived Domestic violence!!

So you know animals skin isn’t ours, wear your own skin cover up with Faux skin or stay naked lol, but please let animals own their entire body let them strut their own bushy catwalk lol.
I just couldn’t believe what we even do to get wool from sheep. Ohhh please, I understand sheep must be sheared for eg but i’m not wearing even that on my body anymore!!
This is why Miss Fauxy collected plenty FAUX FASHION, BEAUTY, LIFESTYLE & TRAVEL products for you. Look at me @ 50 it’s never too late to start respecting and appreciating animals, after all they were here on earth before us!! So, if i can do it so can you, well you don’t have to nail the catwalk like i do just take it easy baby ahahahaha!!

Remember: “Animals don’t need to suffer for our Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle “




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