Still building/ Bezig met webshop

Mijn doel is uiteindelijk een diervriendelijk Vegan & Glutenvrij webshop te creëren. 2021 belooft wat en is voor mij nu al een uitdaging! Ik ben ermee bezig! Ik dank jullie Jennifer

Miss Fauxy is Cruelty Free Vegan & a Coeliac/Celiac with Morbhus Durhing

I am an affiliate & Partber with different companies earning only commission as a model and up and coming influencer from the marketing companies and not from you directly so feel free to click on them! However when you click on my ads and links which I suggest to you in posts or banners I will earn a small commission! I do not have a business! I want to influence you in 2021 and let the world know we exist and we can do it too so let’s go let’s do it! It’s never too late. Hugs kiss kiss Jennifer Kisten.

Rome wasn’t built in one day

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