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Miss Fauxy is a Gluten Free Vegan ( a true VGN in 2017) and a Celiac, another word people use is Coeliac, as in Coeliac Disease, in Dutch they call it Coeliakie.

I must eat Wheat Free & Gluten Free as i’m intolerant. I do this for medical reasons you cannot totally if you not intolerant but certain GF food you can use to eat clean! It’s Dangerous to have only a glutenfree diet without doctor’s consultation as you will miss important nutrients!


So be careful but offcourse for sick people gluten free eating is cleaner and safer ! Gluten Isnt unhealthy, its also tastier but people tend to eat too much of it and become fatter and unhealthy.

I used to love pies but now they Vegan and GF dough! I love certain gluten food but i cannot eat it as i become hospitalized! Gluten is for eg wheat starch, it’s dangerous for me not you, in the Netherlands there’s only 1000 from 17 000 000 people, yes it’s a rare auto immune disease which is heridatory!

I have many chronical diseases but 2 auto immune, Celiac and Morbhus Durhing! So i must be careful, also im very allergic so i live with care but im now 50 so i don’t have trouble i can now live a normal life i just have to because not to get contaminated but being a vegan too isn’t easier but it’s for me a challenge and i can manage!

I will post more soon okee i have been too busy with Beauty and Fashion so sorry. Hugs Kiss Kiss


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ENG here below. Jan 2016(48 yrs old) Blijven Lachen! Inspireer. BEAUTY and The BIKE! Cycle for your LIFE!! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••LET'S COLLABORATE! Merci Boucoup! Halllloooo!! Ah die Jen! Vorig jaar, deze tijd was ik op "zijn" fiets, het was ijs koud, het deed pijn jawel maar ik had een groot glimlach alsof de zon scheen. Lol. Ook nu in ijskoude weer blijf ik lachen dus genoeg bewegen , gezond eten en be safe!! 💚💋💋. ENGLISH. SMILE & INSPIRE. Move it!! Last winter, this time, i was on his bike, it was ice cold and it hurt yeahhh!!. But I still smiled as If Mr Sunny passed by lol. So even now this winter is ice cold, but Smile, move your butt. keep fit, be safe, eat properly!! Let's go let's do it!! Hugs 💚💋💋 #cycling #girlslikeus #instafashion #cyclingphotos #model #organicbeauty #wellness #vegetarianfoodshare #fitness #gym #instamodel #instabeauty #fashiongram #fashionista #ayuverda

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