Mijn Plantaardig Leven * My Plantbased Journey

Still building site pls be patient! I’m so sorry Hugs kisses!

Miss Fauxy is a Gluten Free Vegan ( a true VGN in 2017) and a Celiac, another word people use is Coeliac, as in Coeliac Disease, in Dutch they call it Coeliakie.

I must eat Wheat Free & Gluten Free as i’m intolerant. I do this for medical reasons you cannot totally if you not intolerant but certain GF food you can use to eat clean! It’s Dangerous to have only a glutenfree diet without doctor’s consultation as you will miss important nutrients!


So be careful but offcourse for sick people gluten free eating is cleaner and safer ! Gluten Isnt unhealthy, its also tastier but people tend to eat too much of it and become fatter and unhealthy.

I used to love pies but now they Vegan and GF dough! I love certain gluten food but i cannot eat it as i become hospitalized! Gluten is for eg wheat starch, it’s dangerous for me not you, in the Netherlands there’s only 1000 from 17 000 000 people, yes it’s a rare auto immune disease which is heridatory!

I have many chronical diseases but 2 auto immune, Celiac and Morbhus Durhing! So i must be careful, also im very allergic so i live with care but im now 50 so i don’t have trouble i can now live a normal life i just have to because not to get contaminated but being a vegan too isn’t easier but it’s for me a challenge and i can manage!

I will post more soon okee i have been too busy with Beauty and Fashion so sorry. Hugs Kiss Kiss



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