Vegan & GlutenFree ( I am a Celiac)

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Miss Fauxy is a Gluten Free Vegan ( a true VGN in 2017) and a Celiac, another word people use is Coeliac, as in Coeliac Disease, in Dutch they call it Coeliakie.

I must eat Wheat Free & Gluten Free as i’m badly intolerant. I do this for medical reasons so if your small intestines are normal you cannot omit gluten if you not intolerant but certain GF food you can eat daily! It’s Dangerous to have only a gluten free diet without doctor’s consultation, the same with me becoming a vegan, i had to learn where to get my iron from as i don’t eat meat anymore! So for normal people like non Celiacs i will be informing you in another post why you shouldn’t ban gluten totally and think of gluten free diet as a hype or to lose wheight for eg which isn’t ok. It took me 9 years to understand, adapt, accept, experiment, google, learn, cook,

So be careful but offcourse for sick people gluten free eating is healthier! Gluten Isnt unhealthy, its also tastier but people tend to eat too much of it as it tastes better than glutenfree food, for eg processed food and drinks, hamburgers(the bun and sauce containing wheat), Kfc(the batter), Fish and chips(the batter), i can’t eat roti, bread, pies, mmnnn yummy but i used to love naan or Roti (Indian flat Bread). I used to love pies but now they Vegan and made from GF dough! I love certain gluten food but i cannot eat it as i become hospitalized! Gluten is for eg wheat starch, it’s dangerous for me not you, in the Netherlands there’s only 1000 from 17 000 000 people, yes it’s a rare auto immune disease which is heridatory!

But all these are unhealthy too unless you make it fresh at home and use less salt and less Sugar and in my case i use alternate flours. When i did eat junk food when i wasnt a vegan i cycled extra, did more spinning and went to the gym very often. I have many chronical diseases but 2 rare auto immune, Celiac and Morbhus Durhing! So i must be careful, also im very allergic so i live with care!

Hey guys I will post a lot soon this site isnt totally ready im so sorry! Hugs, Kiss Kiss


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