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This is my Miss Fauxy's INSTASHOP. I finally did it!! I worked on this entire website on my own. Now you can shop my looks directly as you have seen it on my INSTAGRAM


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UPDATED: MARCH 2018. If  you don’t wanna read My DRAMA and why I started My own business, please  to My ShopStyle. 
I believe that we can make our climate and lives totally clean, healthy and sustainable! After all I'm almost 50, look great young and sexy due to my discipline, by leading a non toxic life, being fit, going to the gym, cycling, eating healthy, organic and gluten/wheat free food, especially as a biopsy revealed I am a Coeliac/Celiac with Morbhus Durhing!! And now i've become a Gluten Free Vegan too. It's very difficult for me and this is not a hype(like on reality tv) but a medical must!!
I hope you can Join my Journey and create your happiness, love for animals and brighten up your lives like i learnt to mostly due to me having 2 rare auto immune diseases and chronical illnesses, i'm sure there are many people out there suffering for years even allergies from wearing Fur for eg but don't know that, and like i discovered i became badly ill after eating prepacked meat,  wheat and gluten products, for example food with even gelatine(made from animal leftovers), yes, in marshmallows too, i used to love the ones with coconut yum yum but i landed in hospital so that wasn't fun.
WARNING: SCHOCKING PICS OF MISS FAUXY’S MEDICAL JOURNEY (JENNIFER KISTEN’S) SUFFERING BEFORE BECOMING AN INDEPENDANT LADY AGAIN IN 2018. Even though i modelled before i was also refused to pick myself up and go go as I gained scars, visible in real life but not in pics, from 2009 until 2017 I COULDNT BECOME A PROPER MODEL AGAIN DUE TO MY SCARS BUT I LOVE MY SCARS so I thought I might as well SASHAY AWAY FROM THE SPOTLIGHTS lol and start My own website and shop! I suffererd tremendously, I even had a bacterial brain Tumor after the blistering and damage on My body, face, Legs, arms every opening it was awful and in 2010 and until now hardly anyone knows this except family and close Friends and South African Hospitals at that time The 1st day of FIFA SOCCER began in Durban South Africa I was admitted to a Beach Hospital. So Thank you South African doctors! So you see this is why I Wanna be your influencer If I can do it so can you!!

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 Why i’ve become a True VGN?  No not only because of my medical side but also what i’ve seen online how we torture and abuse animals  for consumption, our planet, just for our Food, Beauty & Lifestyle!! They really don’t need to be abused and so badly tortured you know!! This hurt me for many years especially after seeing videos online i had many trauma's and i'm not embarassed to tell you i even needed therapy! It worked I visited mental health care, but Im sure you know i’ve experienced other bullying too, so Hey from a Child I am strong, not hard as a rock, but with a soft and loving personality I just don’t tolerate nonsense and violence anymore. I even survived Domestic violence!!
So you know animals skin isn't ours, wear your own skin cover up with Faux skin or stay naked lol, but please let animals own their entire body let them strut their own bushy catwalk lol. I just couldn’t believe what we even do to get wool from sheep. Ohhh please, I understand sheep must be sheared for eg but i’m not wearing even that on my body anymore!!
This is why Miss Fauxy collected plenty FAUX FASHION, BEAUTY, LIFESTYLE & TRAVEL products for you. Look at me @ 50 it's never too late to start respecting and appreciating animals, after all they were here on earth before us!! So, if i can do it so can you, well you don't have to nail the catwalk like i do just take it easy baby ahahahaha!!

Remember: "Animals don't need to suffer for our Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle "