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  1. 💚🌱🌿♻️✅👩🏻‍💻 NOBODYS PERFECT. Jaaaa ik kan het wel. Im proud of me. Im doing my best. Certain stuff I lost but most of the old website I managed to recover and im still busy in the background I just wanted to see of I can do this on my own also due to having so many traumas after the other even medical. At The same time Fohr Card where Influencer Marianna Hewitt is also with made sure people know im genuine and don’t buy followers neither likes, they tested me all over and awarded me best influencer in January and December 2018 for GHD & Tesla. Anyway, Im much better now to start posting and editing. Thank you so much for supporting me. Hey guys Im getting there !! Its hard work but ive proven even If a person has issues, medical and private you can still keep on smiling and make life great again!! Im invited to many foreign countries and hotels etc and that’s been fun, i also collected a lot of media so i will first finish off my webshop and this entire website. Thank you Dankje/Hvala/Merci/Nyabonga/BaaieDankie/Obrigada/Danke Hugs and kisses 💋💋

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