Andalou 1000 Roses Beautiful Day Cream



Ik test mijn winkel nu maar er komen Nederlandse producten maar ook voor wereldwijd te koop ff geduld aub.

This is my first product.

Believe it or not but i’m actually 50+ yrs old now but many people don’t believe me but seriously its my habits and becoming a cruelty free Vegan. So i try to cure myself or live better on my own as i have 2 rare diseases and 1 is Coeliac i cannot eat Gluten neither wheat. So everything i eat i also smear on my body!!

I am sooooo happy to partner with Amazon and bring you yet another of my favorites. There are many to chose from and btw not only day creams. Nooooo i didn’t try all offcourse not but read the ingredients please. This is just one of the ways i look so young and beautiful!! You guys know i also am very fit, vital, energetic, sexy and young looking because i am Plantbased too, so i don’t eat meat, so if you totally wanna look like me andat 50+ be a head turner and be confident in yourself you gonna also need a bit more than Andalou, meaning discipline and habits. Hugs kiss kiss. xx


Andalou, Naturally yours!



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