Gaya Cosmetics Primer Make up Base



Gaya Cosmetics Primer Make up Base – Vegan Professional Transparent Foundation Face Primer, Quick Absorbing & Suitable for Sensitive Skin
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  • CRUELTY FREE VEGAN FACE PRIMER – Highly Concentrated Transparent Base for Easy Application & Stunning Results. Helps the Foundation to Stay On Much Longer & Has a Flawless Consistency
  • SMOOTHES THE SURFACE OF THE SKIN – Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines & Fills in Enlarged Pores for a Smoother Finish. Light & Non Greasy, Prevents Moisture Loss & Doesn’t Let Skin Dry Out
  • INTENSIVE LONG LASTING MAKEUP – Improves the Longevity of the Makeup Foundation & Can Be Used on All Skin Types: Oily, Dry, Combination & Sensitive. Beauty Product Suitable for Young & Mature Women
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, SILKY & SMOOTH TEXTURE COSMETICS – Prevents Pore Clogging, Allows The Skin to Breathe & Provides It With a Velvety Feeling. Skin Moisturiser to Reduce Redness & Irritation
  • FACIAL SKIN SMOOTHING SKINCARE – Absorbs Quickly, Glides Effortlessly & Leaves an Intense Glossy Effect. Your Facial Skin will Look & Feel Natural & Healthy. Ideal Gift Not Tested on Animals

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