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    Miss Fauxy loves this i’m sure you know that by now! Holland & Barrett is also in the USA!



    Bevat 5% CBD OlieZonder bijwerkingen en niet verslavendJacob Hooy CBD Olie 5% bevat ca. 500mg CBD per 10ml (cannabidiol) uit vezelhennep. CBD olie bevat hennepzaadolie en henneppasta.

    Holland & Barrett

    CBD Olie van Jacob Hooy bevat geen THC. Het is volkomen legaal en veilig te gebruiken, en je wordt er niet stoned of high van.

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    Vitamine D mijn redding!! Vitamin D helped me!!

    Shine bright with 50 % off from Holland & Barrett


    I made this selfie after drinking coffee, just a little offcourse i rinsed my mouth with tap water  except editing this pic a little(not teeth lol, not my eyes) So my eyes are really looking awesome too!! i look and feel wonderful! You wanna know why, well i stand by all my products i test them like the Vitamin D here below u seen on Fb And Instagram, it still works chapeau for Holland & Barrett.

    I took these for like weeks we hardly have sun here in The Netherlands omg i’m sooooo happy so because i’m blind in one eye it tends to go crooked in winter time because there’s too little sunshine neither Vitamin D! We cannot produce that so i take supplements they help for my immune system too!

    This pic is from 2017.

    Omg i just can’t believe i’m 51 yrs old well im also a vegan btw!!

    I excercise often and i live very naturally, plastic free, sustainable and eco friendly ! Maybe you wanna think about your habits and discipline asap!!

    Buy this from Holland & Barrett or on my Amazon

    Hugs Kiss Kiss 💋💋🌹

    Shine bright with 50 % off from Holland & Barrett
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    Turmeric is an Ancient Healer & Skin Cleanser

    Miss Fauxy loves Turmeric 

    For my Dutch Customers please click on the HOLLAND & BARRETT banner for Turmeric products here below(they actually sell worldwide but via my site you get special discounts). Miss Fauxy loves Turmeric makes me look younger & more Beautiful and heals my nasty skin issues

    SOLD OUT!!! This *Cocokind* Turmeric Spot Cleaner from my INSTASHOP isnt available but here below it is!! xx

    UPDATE: 8/5/18

    Do you know what Turmeric is? 

    Turmeric gives your curry that yellow colour, its family of the ginger root( Manja, koenjit, kurcuma, Curcuma), its a medicinal herb, its used all over literally as the Indians knew back then, ancient times.  that this spice heals and cures but also makes us feel good and happy and healthy again. People wont really want to try this because of that yellowish colour and taste after using the powder form and those ugly stains, just get over that or just try to, otherwise you will be missing out but if you want to buy it and use at home as a beauty item too and in a clean way well check out the products i have here below as well as my spot cleaner. 

    I Simply love anything with Turmeric, not only do I use it in my Cooking everyday, just a teaspoon or half, I also rub it in as a mask or in this case to remove spots on my face and any infected areas on my skins surface. Did you know Turmeric is an Indian anti inflammatory spice but also whiten’s, removers blemishes, Im half Indian half White, any Cream with Turmeric doesnt change your nationality lol I still look asian/indian/white mix) and lighten’s, Glow, your skin too!! So whitens and lightens I mean as in removed blemishes and gives you Glow naturally. These turmeric products arent real skin whiteners, be careful with weird chemical stuff, they very expensive and I never use that even If I could afford it.

    I hope you realize I am not a teen I am really 50+. So listen its always been my Discipline & Habits. There arent totally incredible products unless its organic!!! You wont look like me unless you check out what I also eat for eg and I excercise a lot, making funny faces too. So check out My Instagram please. Its just not 1 organic Cream, product or habit its a combination of being healthy and fit. I DO NOT EAT MEAT, CHICKEN & FISH btw. Start there please or eat less meat or even better become a vegetarian. I transitioned from pescetarian to vegetarian then veganism.

    I AM AN ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE( celiac since 2009 as i have 2 proven rare diseases) & CRUELTY FREE, VEGAN Model(vegetarian once in while in this case when i use bee wax for eg in this product, everything i use is always sustainably obtained and organic too). But I can honestly say i am me and i am free, i’m ethically engaged and responsible what about you?

    Im very allergic and intolerant person even though i eat healthy foods, foreign factors, outdoors, in traffic, the park or gym also affect my skin negatively but i easily get rid of temporary skin issues with this and other turmeric products. How convenient does this look, just like a lip ice shell but its much bigger than for eg chapstick! I love it, easy and its light, fits easily in my make-up etui too. Even apply it at night sleep and voila!! Especially for hormonal breakouts apply at night, wakeup to less redness.


    Products from Amazon.com


    Produkte von Amazon.de


    Products from Amazon.co.uk

    Here’s the actual Details for you to keep in mind before you purchase it.

    Its from Cocokind Collective.

    Rid your skin of acne-causing bacteria while balancing and brightening your skin tone with this all-natural spot treatment featuring five organic ingredients. Skin will feel soothed and calmed while you naturally reduce inflammation. Easy to use and wash off.

    • 0.5 oz.

    • How to Use: Apply to blemishes, breakouts ot areas with uneven pigment for 20 minutes before rinsing or wiping off with a cotton pad.

    • Ingredient Benefits:

    • Organic Sunflower Oil – calms, soothes, reduces redness and irritation

    • Organic Yellow Beeswax(THIS IS THE ONLY PRODUCT I USE WITH WAX) – protects skin’s surface, calms itching, seals in moisture

    • Organic Turmeric- calms redness and inflammation, antibacterial, helps brighten skin tone

    • Organic Ginger Root – antioxidants, treats acne and dark spots, brightens and balances skin

    • Organic Tea Tree Oil – reduces excess oil production and inflammation, antibacterial, antiseptic.

    See here below for other Turmeric Skin Treatments



    Products from Amazon.com


    Products from Amazon.co.uk



    This is for My USA Fans from Amazon Usa offcourse but most products are delivered all over The world even The Netherlands.

    Uk Amazon

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    Click & Grow Smart Garden, get 15% off with Miss Fauxy


    So i’m sure you noticed Miss Fauxy’s herbs and spices in Instagram posts but i do get help at times i’m sooooo sorry it’s SMART TECHNOLOGY darling, not fake it’s real but i’ve become a very busy Vegan & Cruelty free Model Influencer so i’m now bringing you organic and sustainable realness ahahaha!!

    Listen guys i don’t have time to grow in a proper garden, outside btw i can’t anymore anyway even if i wanted, this is the price i now must pay influencing you as i also have a Canadian stalker recently ppfffff.

    Everyone from Instagram knows i’m Crazy about growing fresh herbs especially healing Indian ones, i’m organic, fresh and natural you know that by now lol so check this out only with Miss Fauxy you get 15% off this CLICK & GROW GARDEN until 8 February. You can even go on holiday!! Why worry baby?


    I always grow fresh herbs in my appartement but i also get help from Click and Grow smart technology system at home so i can travel and bring you those awesome destination pics

    Use Code 50FIVEGROW on checkout!! Click on this pic!!



    Kweken zonder omkijken
    De lekkerste maaltijden maak je met verse groenten en kruiden uit eigen tuin. Toch heeft niet iedereen groene vingers of de tijd om meer te doen dan er over fantaseren. En dat geldt ook voor tuinplantjes.

    Met Click and Grow kweek je zonder omkijken: Water geven is voldoende!
    Alleen water geven
    Is het zo simpel? Ja. De Click and Grow-set wordt kant en klaar geleverd inclusief drie potjes met basilicum zaadjes in vruchtbare aarde die is afgestemd op de zaadjes.

    Je zet ze in de designhouder, waarna je het waterreservoir vult. Bijgeleverd zijn drie doorzichtige kapjes die je in de eerste fase nog even op de potjes plaatst, zodat de zaadjes gaan kiemen en opkomen. Daarna verwijder je ze.

    Dat is het enige wat je in de eerste weken doet. Je kunt zelfs op vakantie gaan!
    Houder met LED-verlichting
    De houder met LED-verlichting is fraai en smaakvol vormgegeven en misstaat zeker niet in je keuken of op kantoor. De verlichting is bijzonder energiezuinig. De timer zorgt ervoor dat je plantjes zestien uur per dag het juiste licht krijgen. Bepaal zelf waar je de Click and Grow neerzet. Zelfs zon- of daglicht is niet nodig. Kweek plantjes in de winter! De hoogte van de LED-verlichting is in drie standen instelbaar en af te stemmen op de groei van je plantjes. Is je waterreservoir bijna leeg? Dan knippert de LED-verlichting. Tijd om bij te vullen.

    Click and Grow app
    Mocht je niet veel weten van kruiden, groenten of plantjes en wel de behoefte hebben aan wat extra informatie, dan is er de Click and Grow app (die je dus niet nodig hebt om je plantjes te laten groeien, net als de kennis over je plantjes).
    Handig om te weten
    De timer werkt op basis van een 24-uurs cyclus, waarbij je verlichting zestien uur brandt en acht uur niet. Steek je je kit om acht uur ’s morgens in het stopcontact? Dan zal je LED-verlichting iedere dag vanaf acht uur gedurende zestien uur branden. De potjes voor de Click and Grow zijn speciaal samengesteld en bevatten naast basilicum precies de goede aarde en voedingsstoffen. Wil je nieuwe of andere kruiden? Bestel je potjes dan makkelijk los via onze shop.

    Even in My appartement with less space I still grow Fresh herbs always darlings!!

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