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‘Pose’ makes #herstory mostly Lgbt Cast & Golden Globe Nominations!

Pose on Fx is about the Ballroom Vogueing scene in New York to me the best…

Amsterdam & The Netherlands has a lot to offer!

Amsterdam and The Netherlands is a great place to Travel

LGBTIQ! What is Intersex (me, straight female), Transgender, Transsexual, Transvestite, Gender Fluid, Gay & Lesbian!

What is Intersex people and Lgbtiqa human beings

VIDEO: Miss Fauxy shows of her Ghd Hair, Organc Skin & Nail Polish

Miss Fauxy’s hairstyler from 2002 and her Vegan Nailpolish

Amazon Gift Cards. Wishing, Loving, Praying & Thanking!!

Did you know a simple card or Gift card could make a huge difference when you…

Miss Fauxy’s Verified Influencer Card from FOHR! Are you authentic or Fake?

Miss Fauxy is a real influencer with Authentic followers