Miss Fauxy

Getting Fat in USA or am I Thick Af?

Is Miss Fauxy fat or muscled?

Are you Summer Ready?

Lets go on holiday the fit healthy and vegan way

Non Toxic & Vegan Nail Polish = Healthy Fingers

So look at those beautiful nails even high in the sky!!

Respect your Military

View this post on Instagram ✈️🇩🇪👒💼💚🌿♻️✅Fall 2017. Duisburg Germany. SHARE, RESPECT & INSPIRE. Schönen Tag. Helloooo!!…

Vegan Pocket Dress, Straw Hat & Bag

Join Jen’s Journey with Miss Fauxy in Copenhagen I’m waiting to put my arms around him!…

Inspire! How did Miss Fauxy do it with so many medical issues?

About Miss Fauxy and Jennifer kistens in join jens journey