Faux & Friends door Miss Fauxy

I love Vegan Sneakers / Slip-ons / Mocassins / Loafers

Miss fauxys vegan & cruelty free vegan sneakers and flats to walk Dubrovnik's city walls. You…

Are you Summer Ready?

Lets go on holiday the fit healthy and vegan way

Turmeric is an Ancient Healer & Skin Cleanser

Organic and cruelty free skin care treatment using tumeric the ayurveda style

I love CRUISING Worldwide so get the BEST DEALS with me!

Great affordable cruises and Travel with me

Tantra Sex(Indian Style) is also Fitness (Tja het is ook fit blijven)

My vegan fitness gear

Me and My E-Bikes (Electrische fietsen)!

ELECTRISCH fietsen/ Electric bikes in jaarbeurs Utrecht at the E-bike Xperience