Faux & Friends by Miss Fauxy

I Am Plastic Free What About You Lovies?

We must take care of Our animal kingdom, Mother Earth and be especially plastic Free

Respect your Military

View this post on Instagram ✈️🇩🇪👒💼💚🌿♻️✅Fall 2017. Duisburg Germany. SHARE, RESPECT & INSPIRE. Schönen Tag. Helloooo!!…

Inspire! How did Miss Fauxy do it with so many medical issues?

About Miss Fauxy and Jennifer kistens in join jens journey

Strutting The Stradun in a Medieval City called Dubrovnik in CrueltyFree Wear

Dobar Dan! Dare to be Different like Miss Fauxy! I AM CRUELTYFREE on the Famous Stradun!!…