Miss Fauxy

MOOI BENEN OP 51! How do i get so smooth & sexy legs at 51 years old?

I never shave i have beautiful younger looking legs not only by vegan and cruelty free…

Why did i start eating Vegan, Gluten Free & natural!

Ik heb twee zeer zeldzame ziektes namelijk Coeliakie en Morbhus Durhing daarom eet ik geen gluten…

Wat is Kurkuma? What is Turmeric(curcuma)? My Great Secret!

Wat is kurkuma? What is curcuma(turmeric)?

Dating & Dressing too sexy in 2000 vs me now!

In the year 2000 i dressed up sexy and kinky people thought i was a hooker

Food is First in America!! No way animals gonna be Spared!!

If we could eat less meat and more plants we will pollute less so How about…

Getting Fat in USA or am I Thick Af?

Is Miss Fauxy fat or muscled?